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About Antigua & Barbuda

Visit Antigua and Barbuda, where we’ve got the sun, the sea and plenty of much-needed space.

Antigua’s shoreline is washed almost exclusively by the Caribbean Sea and is hugged by 95 miles of superb coastline. Her sister Barbuda, is surrounded by protective reefs, and features a large lagoon and Frigate Bird sanctuary. The islands are best known for their friendly and welcoming people, pink and white-sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and the most satisfying and enjoyable climate in the world.


  1. Possession of an Antigua and Barbuda Passport.
  2. Visa-free travel to over 130 countries worldwide, including the UK and European Union.
  3. Free to reside in Antigua and Barbuda for any length of time.
  4. Dual citizenship permitted.
  5. Lifetime citizenship (* See condition below)
  6. Application and approval process takes an average of 90 days.
  7. Hassle-free application and approval process
  8. Stable democratic Government based on British parliamentary system


Obtaining a passport from Antigua and Barbuda can offer various advantages, as with any citizenship or passport.  

1. Visa-Free Travel:
   Holding an Antigua and Barbuda passport may grant you visa-free or visa-on-arrival access to a number of countries. This can make international travel more convenient and potentially open up more destinations for you.

2. Investment Opportunities:
   Antigua and Barbuda has a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program, allowing individuals to acquire citizenship by making a qualifying investment in the country. This can present investment opportunities and potential financial benefits.

3. Tax Benefits:
   Depending on your tax situation and the jurisdiction in which you reside, having dual citizenship or a passport from Antigua and Barbuda may offer certain tax advantages. It's important to consult with a tax professional for personalized advice.

4. Security and Stability:
   Holding a passport from a country that is politically stable and economically secure can provide a sense of security. Antigua and Barbuda is known for its stable political environment and growing economy.

5. Dual Citizenship:
   Antigua and Barbuda generally allows for dual citizenship, meaning that you can retain your original citizenship while also holding an Antigua and Barbuda passport. This can be beneficial for individuals who want to maintain ties with their home country.

6. Global Services:
   The Antigua and Barbuda passport may grant you access to certain consular services and assistance provided by the government when you are abroad.

7. Residency Options:
   Acquiring citizenship through the CBI program may provide options for residence in Antigua and Barbuda, allowing you to experience the lifestyle and culture of the country.

8. Educational Opportunities:
   Having Antigua and Barbuda citizenship may facilitate educational opportunities within the country, including access to local schools and universities.

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